Amplifying the Impact of Changemakers

Sincera provides leading insights and research on storytelling for social change.

At the macro-level we leverage data to identify opportunities for economic development; at the mezzo-level we build visually compelling dashboards for purpose-driven organizations; and at the micro-level we provide training, facilitate events and fellowship opportunities for social entrepreneurs.

With hubs in Washington, DC and Jerusalem and a carefully curated network of social impact professionals, we offer the familiarity of a local partner with the breadth of a global agency.




API-first design approach to integrate databases across agencies. Data governance training, product management, brand strategy, stakeholder management.

Bureau of Statistics

Multi-dimensional and time-series data visualization. Web UI design, marketing and advertising including launch campaign.

Ministry of Agriculture

Development for the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Union. Product Management, database development, API build, Mobile Interface.

Economic Policy Research Center

Launched a new economic monitor with interactive reports and  dashboards. Data visualization, data analysis training, design guidelines, website skin and UI.

Aid Coordination Secretariat

From name creation to all brand expression - we launched a mobile application to encourage donor coordination.


Spatial analysis to identify opportunities for economic development. Including cartography, business intelligence dashboards, and more…

It was a really good introduction to Data Science and afterwards I felt that I now have a platform that I could use to further my understanding in this area.
Thank you for having me along. I really found it the most motivating conversation I’ve had in a while, and made me think about what I’m trying to achieve within this area. We all need evenings like that to get some perspective on what we *think* is going on and what actually is.  It was a very good evening.
Round Table
I love your videos - being free and accessible really helped me. The Q&A session was fantastic! It always comes down to execution and I feel this should always accompany your presentations - answering the question of how will your participants use what you give them. Keep up the great work!
Round Table
I think I’m [one of the first actuaries in my area] who are pointing towards Data Science, creating the new [role] of Actuarial data Scientist. For this reason i decided to follow a post graduate master in Business Intelligence and Big data analytics. I'm actively following your company and i think it is one of the best Actuarial consulting company who is pointing towards data Science!"
I just wanted to say what an interesting presentation that was.  Thank you so much for taking the time to put this on for us, it is very much appreciated by all – especially the flexibility around hosting as a webinar instead of the original [in person] format.  It worked very well indeed!

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